• Vifor Pharma UK piloted new micro-learning platform

    At Vifor Pharma we are committed to providing our employees with attractive job and development opportunities and we want our employees to grow in their role. To achieve this, we have a range of educational programmes in place, such as the new micro-learning platform Axonify for our field force in the UK and Ireland. What is a… Continue Reading

  • Corporate Responsibility: Learn about our Community Highlights

    At Vifor Pharma, we recognise our responsibility to communities in which we operate. We engage in l projects to strengthen communities and provide assistance where needed. As a company it enables us to build community trust, enhance our reputation and motivate our employees. By sharing our scientific knowledge we also contribute to an improved understanding… Continue Reading

  • Corporate Responsibility: Patients Highlights

    At Vifor Pharma, everything starts with the patient. We aim to work with the patients through the entire lifecycle of our products, from R&D to access, disease awareness and patient support programmes. This allows us to better understand patients’ needs, and develop and offer improved therapies. Improved access to healthcare enables underserved patients to receive… Continue Reading

  • Our people at Vifor: Meet Ranjana

    At Vifor Pharma, our employees are the most valuable resource to achieving our company goals, vision and mission. Our shared values, lived by them every day, build the common ground for our success and form a strong company culture. Learn more about our talented people, their roles and responsibilities and why they are passionate about… Continue Reading

  • Corporate Responsibility: Integrity Highlights 2019

    At Vifor Pharma, Integrity and ethical behaviour are essential to us as well as respecting the rights of our stakeholders, particularly patients and our employees. Conducting business in an ethical manner leads to fairness and encourages healthy competition, while enabling us to achieve our full potential as a company. It improves corporate culture, enhances our… Continue Reading

  • Learn about our employee highlights in our Corporate Responsibility report

    Employees are our most valuable resource. Our employees’ knowledge and dedication is key to the development and commercialisation of our therapeutic solutions. Fostering a skilled and diverse workforce produces attractive job and development opportunities, while driving innovation and improving productivity. By focusing on safety and well-being, we can create healthy, pleasant and inspiring workplaces. This… Continue Reading