Our people at Vifor: Meet Mo

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Let’s meet Mo, ICT Systems Engineer Messaging.

“As an ICT Systems Engineer Messaging I love every part of my job. But what I enjoy the most is helping users and finding solutions together so they can continue to work effectively.”


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Read the full interview:

Hi, my name is Mo Lucas, I’m British and I’m a Systems Engineer Messaging at Vifor Pharma.

My background is in messaging which is predominantly email systems. I’ve been working in the messaging industry for the last 20 years and I was based in Zurich in the past working as a consultant. The opportunity came when I was approached by Vifor Pharma to join as a Systems Engineer Messaging and I grabbed that opportunity with both hands – and here I am today.

My job is to ensure that our email systems are fully functional. They are so important to us in the sense that this is what we are used to communicate within our departments and also with our external partners.

I love every part of my job. But what I enjoy the most is helping users. Whenever users have an issue, I like to pick-up the phone and call them directly to hear or see what exact problem they are encountering and find a solution to help them fix it. By fixing that problem, it obviously makes life a lot easier for the users so they can continue to work effectively.

Why I love working for Vifor Pharma? I love the atmosphere, the ambience and the people that I work with. I have this mentality that I don’t want to work for you – instead, I want to work with you. Working with an organisation for me means that everything that concerns you concerns me. I’m not in it because it’s just a job. I’m in it because I love doing it.

I’m proud to work at Vifor Pharma!