Vifor Pharma UK piloted new micro-learning platform

At Vifor Pharma we are committed to providing our employees with attractive job and development opportunities and we want our employees to grow in their role. To achieve this, we have a range of educational programmes in place, such as the new micro-learning platform Axonify for our field force in the UK and Ireland.

What is a micro-learning platform?

Micro-learning is a complementary learning solution to the traditional Face2Face trainings and Learning Management Systems, such as our ViTalent. The focus is on a mobile application to support short, repetitive learning.

What is the aim of Axonify?

With Axonify, we seek to drive optimal performance by ingraining knowledge of our field force in UK and Ireland. Knowledge is what sets us apart, and keeps us flexible and competitive as an organisation, and as individuals.

How does it work?

Powered an intelligent adaptive learning engine, in only minutes a day, our employees can log-in for a quick, personal training session that continuously reinforces critical knowledge they need to know to perform on-the-job.

What topics are available?

Our first initiative using Axonify was to refresh and embed our sales teams’ knowledge of hyperkalaemia and its treatment with Veltassa®. We also offer a Ferinject® knowledge training.

What was the result of the pilot phase?

The pilot phase started in December 2019 until July 2020. During the period, we had a total of 10,465 learning sessions, the equivalent of 3 additional days training delivered through Axonify per Key Account Manager. The target to improve knowledge and confidence was clearly measured and achieved (see details below):

“To ensure our field force have up-to-date knowledge to answer questions from HCPs, they are equipped with the right tools. We were looking for a modern learning method, to help them learn in an easy on-the-go format. We are always looking to promote a culture of learning and the success we have had with Axonify was very impressive, so much so, that the team have requested to continue using the platform next year”, said Tim Chaplin, Sales Training Manager UK & Ireland.