Corporate Responsibility: Learn about our Environment Highlights 2019

At Vifor Pharma, protecting and caring for the environment is essential to the way we conduct business. We aim to increase resource efficiency to protect scarce resources, while in turn reducing waste and economic costs. A conscious and efficient use of resources is crucial for a sustainable and successful business. Of particular importance is minimising water usage, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to mitigate climate change and its effects. These contribute to lowering costs associated with climate change and helps us to drive our business forward in a less carbon-intensive future.

Learn how we support protect and care for the environment in in our latest Responsibility Report here.

What are the Environment highlights from the latest CR report?

  • 14% reduction of Energy intensity ratio (total energy consumption per thousand CHF net sales)
  • 100% renewable hydropower is used to produce electricity at all Vifor Pharma production sites in Switzerland and Portugal.
  • We are continuously seeking to reduce water consumption by introducing different
  • Initiatives, e.g. optimising water consumption for cleaning and cooling purposes at the site in St. Gallen.
  • We continuously try to reduce waste generated by our manufacturing processes and business activities by recycling waste through e.g. implementing single-use plastic eradication measures at nearly all Vifor Pharma locations and introducing central waste collection points at all our production sites.
  • 10% reduction of carbon intensity ratio (total greenhouse gas emissions in kg per thousand CHF net sales). To reduce CO2, our affiliate in Lisbon planted 320 trees and measures were introduced to reduce air travel.

Have a look at the key highlights from our Responsibility pillar “Environment” below.