Our people at Vifor: Meet Ranjana

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Let’s meet Ranjana, Head Pharmacovigilance Quality Assurance.

Patient safety is at the centre stage of our work. Ensuring a smooth pharmacovigilance process and continued patient safety requires a great deal of teamwork. All departments are working together to make sure we all pursue a common goal, which is the health of our patients.”


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Namasté (hello)! My name is Ranjana Khanna. I am Indian by origin and I have been working for Vifor Pharma since 2010.

I’m leading the Quality Assurance department for Pharmacovigilance which belongs to the Quality Management group. Pharmacovigilance is the science of detecting and preventing adverse events and drug related problems. Within Pharmacovigilance Quality Assurance we ensure our people, partners and affiliates are following the pharmacovigilance guidelines.

Patient safety is at the centre stage of our work. To ensure this, we have continuous monitoring processes in place. This not only involves my team: The entire organisation must report adverse events when they become aware of them. Through audits of our partners, vendors and affiliates we make sure they are following the pharmacovigilance guidelines and procedures. Regularly, the entire organisation also has to do pharmacovigilance trainings for continued patient safety.

We are also audited externally by inspectors on a regular basis. This ensures that we are following the EU and national legislation and that we put patient safety first.

A smooth pharmacovigilance system and inspection requires a great deal of teamwork. Every department is involved and should demonstrate that their processes are properly set-up and documented. By doing this, we all pursue a common goal, which is the health of our patients.

I have seen Vifor Pharma grow over the last ten years. The cultural open-mindedness is very motivational. The ability to speak, share your opinion, be unafraid and choose the direction in your area of work has been the driving force for me the past ten years.

The advice I would like to give to my colleagues is to enjoy the benefits of a mid-size Pharma company. The exposure and the opportunity to learn does not come to all. Use the chance to dream and ‘be the change you wish to see’ as said by Mahatma Gandhi.