Responsibility Highlights Report 2019

CR reportWe are proud to launch our latest Corporate Responsibility Report 2019, which demonstrates examples how Vifor Pharma contributes to the five responsibility pillars across all parts of our business – Conducting business with integrity, Focusing on patients, Valuing our employees, Caring about the environment and Engaging with our community – through various activities and measures in our sites and affiliates around the world.

The experience of COVID-19, which has touched so many people in the countries in which we operate, has underlined the significance of these five pillars.

screenshot_animationsWe know that acting as a sustainable business is the key to success, and it enables us to meet the needs of our patients who trust and depend on us.

We would like to thank our employees for their continued support to make Vifor Pharma a responsible and successful company.


To learn more about our activities read our Corporate Responsibility Report here