A space dedicated to the COVID-19 and our ongoing efforts to #flattenthecurve

To support the efforts against COVID-19, at Vifor Pharma we focused on safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees and ensuring the supply of our medicines to our patients, who rely on us every day. We evaluated where we could make a meaningful difference to contribute to the global and national efforts, and we have been able to make some important contributions.

covid page


To ensure that our investors, employees and patients were informed of our on-going efforts to #flattenthecurve, we created a COVID-19 space on our website about our efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. We kept the section updated with the latest developments, to ensure that the visitors have the most up to date information.

All information was grouped around three sections: “People”, “Production” and “Patients”.


In this section, we wanted to inform visitors about the steps we took to safeguard the health of all the 2,800 Vifor Pharma employees around the world, to support their well-being while working remotely and to help the communities in which we operate.


Here, we wanted to reassure visitors that we set in place extra safety measures to keep our production sites operative and supply chains free-flowing, so that our products could continue to be supplied to healthcare providers and pharmacies around the world.


In this section, we wanted to communicate our ongoing efforts to support our patients and their advocacy groups in these unprecedented circumstances and to live-up to our patient focused approach that help them lead better, healthier lives. This included the opportunity for patient groups to apply for grant donations as a Vifor Pharma Patient Associations Global Fund was introduced.