Vifor Pharma ranks #2 “Best Employers in Switzerland”

Vifor Pharma has ranked second in the list of “The Best Employers in Switzerland 2020” within the pharmaceutical industry. In an extensive employee survey, media outlets including the Handelszeitung and Le Temps, and the independent market research institute Statista, have chosen the best employers in Switzerland for the second time.

Raisa Durandi

“We are delighted by this recognition, because it reflects our commitment to bring our three values of Entrepreneurship, Respect and Teamwork to life through our people. They have built and will continue building the unique culture we all come to work for at Vifor Pharma. Personally, I find this very energising and gives me the confidence to say that together we can achieve our goals and overcome any future challenges.” Michael Puri, Chief Human Resources Officer.

What is The Best Employers 2020?

The Best Employers 2020 is a final list of 250 companies in Switzerland that have been selected for their success as excellent employers. The classification of the companies is by category for pharmaceutical, transportation, construction, and banking and finance.

The list of “Best employers 2020” is based on a large-scale online panel survey where thousands of employees were interviewed, as well as judgements generated via the websites of Le Temps and Handelszeitung. More than 100,000 ratings were included in the ranking across all channels. The survey phase ran from May to July 2019.

The survey identified over 1,500 employers with 200 or more employees in Switzerland. This was done on the basis of the previous year’s list as well as through comprehensive desk research from numerous sources (industry associations, trade journals, economic research institutes, etc.).


Which are the criteria for the ranking?

The criteria on which the ranking is based are mainly the answers to two questions. The first is “Would you recommend your employer to your family and friends”, a rating on a scale of 0 to 10. The second: “Would you recommend another company in your industry?”

 Why is this important for Vifor Pharma?

As we continue to help patients around the world lead better, healthier lives, it is important that we continue to create a winning, vibrant and energetic workplace that can attract and grow great talent in our industry. By enabling our employees to have an impact through their work, and listening to the patients we serve, we are confident we can achieve our goal of becoming a global leader in iron-deficiency, nephrology and cardio-renal therapies.

Read the article on Le Temps and Handelszeitung to find out more!

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