One Vifor – We stand together

At Vifor Pharma we see our responsibility to effectively contribute to the international efforts to flattenthecurve. While our production continues to ensure regular supply of our therapies, we have a safety commitment to our employees, their beloved ones and their local communities. Business continuity plans are being executed and we are learning to work remotely. Face-to-face meetings, events and business travel have been suspended. We are encouraging work practices that reduce the spread of infection and we are providing daily updates on latest developments to our workforce.

As we start to work in a different way, we see an opportunity to leverage digital technologies and rethink our approaches to our work and relationships, to ensure our patients lead better, healthier lives.

“In the face of the unprecedented circumstances our world is currently facing with COVID19, at Vifor Pharma we will continue to support each other and take preventative measures through this challenging time – and ensure that we maintain our commitment to our patients who depend on us every day” said Klaus Henning Jensen, Chief Medical Officer, Vifor Pharma Group.