Vifor Pharma awarded the Fair Pay certification in Switzerland

We are excited to announce that Vifor Pharma has been awarded the Fair Pay certification in all locations in Switzerland.

The Fair Pay certification verifies that we pay female and male employees equally for the same job or for a job of the same value in Switzerland in accordance with Art. 8 (3) of the Swiss Federal Constitution1.

Commenting on the recognition Michael Puri, Chief HR Officer of the Vifor Pharma Group said

We are delighted that our commitment to pay all our employees fairly is now recognised and endorsed in Switzerland by an external third party. We want to foster trust among our employees and future talent by creating a workplace founded on fairness, inclusion and diversity in our practices”.

What is Vifor Pharma’s commitment to Gender pay equality?

Vifor Pharma is committed to demonstrate gender pay equality and foster inclusion. This certification recognises our commitment, will improve performance, attract and retain talent and increase innovation. We will continue running frequent internal analysis to get certified as a Fair Pay employer every two years.

How was the Fair Pay certification assessed?

The quantitative comparison of salary data with the tool “”” (Wage Value), involves an independent audit of the role, function, personal performance, life experience and length of service.

The certification further helps identify areas for improvement and supports our efforts to address the broader challenge of closing any gender talent gaps. In total, more than 400 Swiss companies have been analysed with this method.

Where can I get more information?

For further information please contact the Compensation & Benefits team at or visit the website


   1.      Men and women have equal rights. The law shall ensure their equality, both in law and in practice, most particularly in the family, in education, and in the workplace. Men and women have the right to equal pay for work of equal value.