A place to do your best work

The way we work has changed. Today’s challenges of increasing complexity and permanent change ask for flexible solutions that facilitate cooperation and fast-decision making.

To be best prepared for tomorrow’s workplace, Vifor Pharma rolled out a new office design concept at our operational headquarters in Zurich, inspired by our values Entrepreneurship, Teamwork and Respect.

The new bright and modern offices are designed to facilitate collaborative working while saving time and improving quality, productivity and creativity. The use of cutting edge technology and ecological design concept helps us to both work more efficiently, and also more ecologically by decreasing the use of energy, water usage, and waste – all part of our corporate social responsibility to protect the environment.

We have created office space that is tailored to the diverse needs of the employees and allows us to exchange in small, dynamic, interdisciplinary teams. The elimination of walls and physical barriers and the new offer of various informal meeting space make it easier for employees to meet, connect and share ideas.

At the same time, individual workspaces and phone booths allow to work fully focused when needed. What started with sketches in 2017 is now an ergonomic, engaging and attractive workspace for the more than 300 people based in Zurich that reflects our dynamic approach as a global pharmaceutical company and inspire us to do our best every day for a better outcome for our patients.