Vifor Pharma Leadership Program – encouraging us to find new ways of thinking

We are proud to announce the graduation of the second Vifor Pharma Leadership Program (VPLP). 25 Senior leaders embarked on the VPLP in March 2018 and have been going through a 3 modules program facilitated by the Executive School of the University of St. Gallen. Five project concepts were presented to our Executive Chairman and our Executive Committee. The project which focused on “Integrated Solution / Innovation” was selected as a winner and the team was awarded with the President Award.

Tuba Tangülü, Ferinject Global Brand Team Lead, told us about her experience participating in the VPLP this year:

“The Vifor Pharma Leadership Program encouraged us to find new ways of thinking and from different perspectives. With a group of dedicated leaders, we sharpened our strategic and leadership skills in a 6-month program. We returned to work – energized and inspired – with a plan and the tools to produce success. The VPLP projects created an environment for collaboration where we had an opportunity to really engage with our fellow participants and discuss and learn from each other’s experiences. The diverse background of the participants made for an even richer experience. Vifor Pharma provides a great opportunity to its senior leaders to learn from leading thinkers in their fields at St Gallen Executive School of Management, strengthening business fundamentals and transforming them into excellence.”

About the Vifor Pharma Leadership Program (VPLP): The program was introduced in 2017 and enables our Senior Leaders to effectively execute on the company’s strategy, ensuring growth & innovation, while delivering transformational leadership.

Thank you to all the VPLP 2 participants who demonstrated an active and engaged participation. And congratulations to the winning team of the President Award: Rolf, Tuba, Nick, Kaïs, Hans-Martin, Meghna and Corinne.