Future Day 2018 – “bringing my child closer to a big part of my world”

Another exciting Future Day took place at our Vifor Pharma headquarters in Glattbrugg last week. As part of a national initiative to promote open career and life planning for school children, girls and boys aged 10 to 13 years old, were invited to accompany a parent or relative to work.

The youngsters had a busy programme starting with an introduction at our headquarters and a trip to our laboratories in Schlieren, where they were introduced to the work of our chemists and biologists. They were shown impressive scientific experiments by our lab team, and could even try some for themselves! To top off the day, the children enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch with the team in Schlieren before returning to Glattbrugg. Back at the headquarters, the children learned more about iron deficiency and how it affects patients’ lives. Last but not least, it was time to visit the parents and relatives at their work places, to gain insight into their day-to-day worklife and to help out with some tasks.

After this exciting day we had a catch up with Alexis Pearcey (Corporate Communications Director) and his daughter Arianna (Grade 6) to learn about their experience on Future Day at Vifor Pharma:

“The motivation for inviting Arianna to our Vifor Future Day was bringing her closer to a big part of my world. When I leave home to go to work, for my children it looks like I am going to Narnia, stepping through a door to a totally different world. Future day was a perfect opportunity to introduce Arianna to some of my colleagues, to show her the offices and meet the colleagues which impressed her immensely, and to share a part of my world with her. The career choice of my daughter’s is often a conversation in our family, and for her own future I hope she will find a career which gives her a great deal of motivation, happiness and fulfilment. Arianna was fascinated by the tour in Schlieren, but said that she cannot imagine working in chemistry or biology. However she loved what she saw on her tour in the offices in Glattbrugg and could maybe imagine one day working in the offices at Vifor Pharma.”

We thank all relatives and children for their contribution and trust. It was a wonderful day with fruitful exchanges and lasting impressions.

A special thanks goes to all involved Vifor Pharma employees, making this day a special day for our children: Vania Manolova, Naja Nyffenegger, Anna Flace, Ahmet Varol, Wilm Buhr, Nadine Thomauske, Ran Xu, Aris Kalogerakis, Espedita Pepe, Cyril Blättler and Driton Ajeti.