Living #Diversity in our daily activities and trainings

Launched in 2016, the Vifor Pharma Academy brings all our training initiatives under one umbrella. This holistic training hub is the entry point for developing the personal skills set of our employees across a broad range of competences. The Academy has something to offer everyone, whether our employees have ambitions to become a better leader, want to increase your functional knowledge or would like to be a better presenter.

Currently, the Vifor Pharma Academy consists of six sub-academies (Leadership, Sales, Technical Operations, Marketing & Medical and Open Programs). The Leadership Academy is designed to cover all functions and levels at Vifor Pharma.

In the Leadership Academy, colleagues from different departments and affiliates come together to work on defined projects over a period of time and present their ideas to the members of the Executive Committee on the certification day.

The goal of the Leadership Academy is to develop leaders at Vifor Pharma, who not only understand what it takes to be effective people and business managers, but also know how to apply our company values in their daily management behaviours.

Beside this, participants of the Leadership Academy also demonstrate and value the existing diversity in the working groups, bringing together colleagues from different geographical, educational and cultural backgrounds:

The Vifor Pharma Management Program bridges cultural differences and facilitates the ‘WE’ culture.”

We learned to leverage the different strengths of the members in your team.”

Each team member brings specific strengths that add to whole.”