Recruitment insight – Vifor Pharma UK: Ian Macdougald reports about his AC experience

For several years, Vifor Pharma UK is conducting Assessment Center (AC) for most of their recruitments to best evaluate the qualification, skills and cultural fit of the candidates.

An Assessment Center is a complex process of where candidates are tested on their abilities using exercises designed to simulate the conditions of a given job.  The given tasks determine if the candidate has the skills and experience which are necessary to perform that particular job. The assessors observe the behaviour, skills and experience of the candidates, while they are completing their tasks, giving individual scores based on their personal judgement. After the Assessment Center has been completed the team of assessor gather together to compare their scores and discuss the individual performances. They then make collaborative decision on the results.

Additional benefits of an Assessment Center:

  • measure job-related behaviours rather than other characteristics
  • measure a broader range of knowledge, skills and abilities
  • are standardized because testing conditions are same for all candidates
  • are fair regardless of age, gender or race
  • serve as a learning experience for assessors as well as for candidates
  • ratings tend to be much more accurate than conventional ratings

Listen to the audio below, to find out how Ian Macdougald, Country Manager Ireland, explains his AC experience to our colleague Silvie Lorkova, Talent Acquisition & HR Trainee UK, Benelux, Nordics.