Vifor Pharma amongst most attractive Employers 2016: TOP results in the Students and Professionals surveys!

After TOP results in the Universum Student ranking (Rank #32 for Natural Science Students and Rank #39 for Health/Medicine Student), we proudly present our results as most attractive employer 2016 for the Swiss Young and Senior Professionals survey:healthmedicine_position22-vifor

Rank #22 amongst Health/Medicine Professionals
Rank #23 amongst Natural Sciences Professionals
Rank #99 amongst Engineering Professionals

Having 3 categories within the TOP 100 is an outstanding result showing our growing awareness on the candidate market – and yes!  Vifor Pharma is definitely an attractive employer!

About the survey: 6’422 Young and Senior Professionals shared their views on career and employers during this independent survey. The full rankings can be viewed on the universum homepage.