OM/Vifor Pharma Lisbon “embraces” our values

PT_Pyramid_small_2OM/Vifor Pharma Lisbon started the year with a New Year’s lunch followed by a team-building event to reiterate the company values. After celebrating the winners of the Sales Excellence Award as well as long-term employees, the Team was asked to think about the importance of the 5 values that apply for the whole Galenica group and how they can be reinforced in each one of us. As part of the teamwork, they were asked to build the construction of a pyramid which has been called the Pyramid Power of OM/Vifor Pharma LISBON.

What does “Pyramid Power” reflect:

  • Pyramids are the symbol of mankind’s ability to outgrow themselves by creating a construction of excellence;
  • Just like these old megalithic structures, the Pyramid Power required the power of each team member. Only by working together, they were able to unveil their potential and receive greater results.
  • The activity offered an infinite range of challenges. Due to the multifaceted construction elements of the exercise, teams had to collaborate to solve the challenges by being committed and creative.
  • Precision and attention to details were necessary to fit all small pieces into a colossal pyramid, reinforcing the message that the sum of all is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The challenge:

To kick-off the challenge, 25 teams of 4-5 colleagues from different departments were formed. Then, each group had to build their own small pyramid and to express in writing their commitment to the company’s values as well as their individual hopes and desires.

PT_Pyramid_small_1To boost the team spirit even more, every employee was dressed in a sweatshirt with the company values imprinted. By dressing in the company’s values, the team understood that the meaning and purpose of the values have to be filled with life every day. After building the individual pyramids, the teams noticed that by combining all pyramids, a giant, solid and strong pyramid could be build. The giant pyramid combined the reflections on the values expressed by each team.

The challenge was not only fun and a unique experience but literally brought the values to life: It created a relaxed atmosphere of joy, openness and creativity where everyone felt confident to express themselves freely. Moved by the new build trust, all 126 colleagues individually communicated their personal wishes – for themselves, for the colleagues and for the company’s future – which was a very special moment for everyone. It’s impossible to put the laughter, tears of joy and excitement into words that has been shared at that day. Above all, there was a common feeling of gratitude for being able to experience this special day as a team that has a deeper connection than ever before.

Thank you OM/Vifor Pharma Portugal for sharing these moments!