Did you know? #4 – Infographic EUROPEAN IRON DEFICIENCY SURVEY

In July 2015, Vifor Pharma commissioned a survey in seven European markets involving 10,272 participants. The survey aimed to gain an understanding of the level of awareness of iron deficiency and/or iron deficiency anaemia amongst the general population, as well as perceptions of the disease and its symptoms. A quantitative, online survey was conducted in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Sweden during the period July 21st to August 21st, 2015. Approximately 1,000 participants from each nation, and representative of the population aged 18 years or over, were surveyed. Out of the total 10,272 people who completed the survey, 7,025 were aware of iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia and 934 of those self-reported they had a confirmed diagnosis of iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia at some point in their lives.



Read more about the report on irondeficiency.com

The report can also be found here: ID_Survey_2016

The European iron deficiency survey. Data on file; 2016. Vifor Pharma. Sample countries: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden. 1. 32% of 10272 respondents 2. 11% of 6516 respondents aware of ID 3. 36% of 6516 respondents 4. 35% of total patients did not hear about ID before diagnosis. Base=934 patients 5. 21% of 934 total patients 6. 56% of 200 total patients who did not experience any symptoms before 7. 54% of 549 total patients who experienced symptoms 8. Mean of 2.5 years – 934 total patients 9. 33% of 577 current sufferers 10. 79% of 934 total patients 11. 36% of 934 total patients 12. 63% of 934 total patients 13. 12% of 7025 respondents aware of ID 14. Social life: 50% of 828; Family life: 53% of 828 respondents 15. 49% of 934 total patients 16. 82% of 934 respondents