Did you know? #3 – Facts about iron

Iron is an essential nutrient for your body, which you get from your food. It is needed for your mental and physical health and to keep your energy levels up. Iron is present in a substance called haemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells. Haemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the rest of the body. Oxygen is required in your brain for concentration and in your muscles for physical energy.5 Iron is also needed to maintain a healthy immune system, helping you to fight off infections. (source)

Did you know these interesting facts about iron:

  • We have 3-5 grams of iron in our body, mainly in our blood
  • Our body can absorb 0.001 gram of iron per day
  • 1 liter iron weights 7.87 kg
  • Iron melts at 1538 °C
  • Iron has a proportion of 1/3 of our earth’s weight



Besides all interesting facts, take iron seriously for a healthy life!