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The production of drugs is regulated by very strict GMP requirements that are imposed by the different Health Authorities in the world. One key aspect of any GMP control factory is the work instructions (better known as SOP’s [Standard Operating Procedure]) available to production operators to carry out their job the same way every single time they create a unit, lot or batch of product. A typical SOP in the pharma world is a full word instruction document which is very hard to read and follow. This is sometimes the source of losses of times due to the errors it generates and in occasions is the cause of errors that are more costly because it will generate either scrap, or product unavailability.

Two examples of companies that have successfully put this in place are IKEA and LEGO. These two have moved to wordless instructions to build the products they sell. These instructions are capable of targeting different populations and in addition, they are removing the need for language reading proficiency to complete the assembly of a product.