Our Recruitment Process

As you might already know, Vifor Pharma has its own Global Sourcing & Recruitment team who will review your application personally. Our objective is to make the optimal selection for a vacant position, for both the company AND the candidate. Our process has been finely tuned to make sure that both you and us get the most out of the experience. Should your initial application be successful, you can expect to follow either all (or some) of the following stages pending on the role and location:

Phone call/Phone interview


  • We might call you directly from HR if we have some open questions on your profile
  • Depending on where you live, we will also set up an initial phone call with the hiring manager before meeting you in person

First interview

  • Icon_1stIVIn a first round you will meet the line manager and HR, sometimes we might already involve a potential future colleague
  • Once you have been successful in this interview, we will set up the next step and might already ask you to fill out a personality profile for the 2nd round

Second/third stage interview, Assessment Center (depending on role and location)

  • Icon_2ndIVYou are going to meet the hiring manager’s boss and further people from the line. In addition, you will also meet the relevant HR partner for the role
  • The number of interviews depends on the role/level and the availability of all involved people.
  • You might also be asked to do an assignment and presentation pending on the role


  • Icon_offerGreat, you are almost there!
  • We will inform you personally about the positive outcome and you will receive the offer/offer letter by our HR department
  • Once you countersigned the offer/offer letter, we will set up the on-boarding!

If you have any question on your status or about the role, please contact the respective person on the Job-Advert and we are happy to update you personally.