work@Vifor Pharma

Meet Samuel, currently working in our Medical Affairs Department in Glattbrugg (HQ):

How long have you been working at Vifor Pharma?Samuel_V1

I have started a trainee program at the HQ in Glattbrugg in January 2015, after having won the Vifor Pharma Life Sciences Student of the Year 2014 competition. So far, I have received insights both in the Medical Affairs and Marketing departments.

Why did you decide to join Vifor Pharma?

My initial motivation was to gain first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical industry directly after my studies in biochemistry at ETH Zürich. As a medium-sized specialty pharmaceutical company and global leader in iron supplementation products, Vifor Pharma has an outstanding culture of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees.

What do you like about working at Vifor Pharma?

Vifor Pharma offers a challenging and dynamic working environment with a plethora of opportunities to develop and share new disruptive ideas, drive change and grow on a professional and personal level. At the same time, the medium size of the company allows one to build up a network across departments very easily. I really appreciate that.

What are the main challenges you have in your current position?

In this truly global organization, there are many learning opportunities on a daily basis. One of the challenges I faced in the very beginning was the transition from an academic laboratory to business-related project work. The warm welcome by and quick integration into the teams of the Medical Affairs and Marketing departments, however, have made it very easy for me to adapt to this new setting.

Dear Samuel, thanks for your insight and we are happy to having you on board!