Career advice No 1- your CV

Searching for a job is time consuming! In order to invest you time wisely, we would like to summarize what is important for us when receiving an application. The most important element is your CV! So it is worth to invest some time for tailoring it to the respective job. Here are our 5 most important points regarding an application:

  1. Tailor your CV to the respective position and mention the tasks of you  jobs. Do not assume that each title means the same in every company- ideally also add the company’s web address
  2. Work with key-words that are relevant for the role, make sure you add all relevant details that are mentioned in the job description. for example if several languages are requested, mention your skills in detail
  3. Make sure your contact details are available (mobile number & email), your email should also be a professional one- ideally you also have a voice mail, so we can leave you a message when not reaching you
  4. Send your CV as PDF
  5. Less is more: Your CV should not be more than 2, max 3 pages

Write your experience in a chronological order, starting with your current job. Make sure that there are no spelling/grammar mistakes and let your CV check by a friend. We also do not need an extensive “executive summary”, your CV should speak for you.

And if you need further ideas for creative CV’s, here is a link with really cool designs:

Read in our next post how to impress us with an outstanding cover letter!